Does size really matter?

The preoccupation with size:

Men around the world whether in their growing up years or in their adulthood have only one preoccupation and that is the size of their penises. Is it long enough? Does it have the adequate girth?

If that is not enough, they can even fret at the thought of how big their friends their age are. Let me tell you that they can be most hesitant to share a shower room or a green room only for this one big reason.

Is it all in the head?

Now, if you think that a male is spending too much time being pre occupied with the size of his manhood is any sign that he is physically really small in size, let me tell you one thing clearly. Most men who fret over their size are clinically diagnosed to be suffering from a condition called the “Small Penis Syndrome”.

Yes, there is something called that!

The syndrome presents itself in men with insecurities about their member’s size. They continuously worry about the length and the width of it but in reality they have an average size of penis!

Why so much hue and cry?

My only question to such men is “Why?!”

exp-honeymoon-slideshow-4Is it so important that you have to waste more than half of your waking hours thinking about it. if the size is too small then you could approach a urologist and chalk out the best treatment for yourself and if you think that at times you are so consumed by the thoughts of your manliness, you may also consider getting a visit to a counselor. It may not solve your problem but it can definitely put your problem in the right perspective. For one thing it can also give you the clarity of thought to be able to think whether a problem is actually there and if the answer is yes indeed then it will help you seek help from the right direction.

A quick buck for the business savvy:

Have you ever considered how the companies that sell the male enhancement products et al try to play around with men’s psyche? They will on purpose have these so called large sized men who are mostly an import from the porn world and then they play around the insecurities of men who think (mark my words here), who only think that they do not have a member big enough to satisfy their sex partners!

Does all this even make any sense?

While these business men and showmen laugh their way to the banks, what have they left these people to do? When men with the psyche that their penis is small or those who do have a below average size of penis fret, try ordering such pocket emptying products and opt for expensive penile surgeries. And the worst of it all is that none of these products will ever guarantee you immediate results.

1GreenThe promise of a positive result will make the people to keep on ordering the stuff till they are almost broke and mind you that most of the surgeries done to enhance the size there are so utterly disastrous that they can even be fatal!

Let’s get the facts straight:

The average size of penis is anywhere between 4.8 inches to 5.3 inches when erect. There are men who are taller or slightly heavier who may have a penis that measure 6 inches at the most. Now, most of the time, these porn stars that you see and those that boast of an eight inch thing is just too rare a case.

The vagina truth:

youngcoupleThe vagina of an average women and we are talking about 8 out of ten women have vagina that is 5 to 7 inches in depth. In all instances, an 8 inch dick is really the most uncomfortable thing to have. Women who claim to have been in bed with men with huge ones are extremely outward in their opinion that more than inconvenient a very long (read 8 inches) dick is the most painful thing to have inside them!

Will they ever outgrow it?

A unique study conducted way back in 2006 by university of California and Los Angeles stated that men who had insecurities about their penile length were also those that had such insecurities about their other physical attributes. The study also covered the fact comprehensively by interviewing 500 subjects that such people who regularly fret over the size soon outgrow their worries with age. It stressed the importance of carrying forward with confidence and to concentrate on social skills to help overcome this syndrome.