Research and development:

We take pride in our R&D wing which has taken gigantic strides in taking our company forward by doing exceptional research and coming out with such a wide spread of products that there is literally no competition for us as far as the product portfolio is concerned. We have products for every kind of sexual fantasy and we love to call ourselves as dream sellers.

Our sex toys are a rage:

Our company boasts of a product catalogue that has every sex toy under the sun to suit any and every kind of sex fantasy. Not only do we give you the ideas and the fetish to enjoy your life to the fullest but we also have recently forayed into making penis pumps which is categorized as a medical device for helping people with sexual dysfunctions.

Online and real stores:

We retail our products in real standalone stores and at reputed medicals chains and we have an enormous online presence which allows us to tap the market. We do not allow any other middle men to come between our stores and the end users and therefore the prices are genuine and sold only and only at the mark up price.

The shipping is on us:

As a token of appreciation towards you for accepting and trying our product, we do not charge you for the shipping or freight whatever is applicable. The product is at the mark up price and the shipping is done free for you whichever part of the world that you belong to.

Contact us

If you want a soft copy of our product catalogue in your e mail, give us a missed call on the numbers given on your screen. We would love to send it to you. If you or someone you know uses our products, we would love to hear from you.